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Introducing Bashon Mann

Introducing Bashon Mann


Sometimes it takes the firm character of a military man to write the gentlest words of all.

A decorated officer in the United States Navy, Bashon Mann has served our country in Afghanistan, and participated in humanitarian relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, the Asian tsunami, the Haitian earthquake and other tragedies. But it was the approach of the big 4-0 that made him snap into focus about what mattered most in his life: his two adorable daughters.

As his fifth decade approached, Mann began composing daily letters to his girls, reflecting on his own life journey and sharing observations and tips. Sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, these notes helped Mann regain perspective on his own life.

And then he started sharing them with others.

First on Facebook and Twitter, and now in a wonderful book, “Daddy’s Love Notes,” Mann helps others find the inspiration he discovered through his daughters, as he found his own voice.

In plain, heartfelt language, the letters offer a road map not just for children, but for anyone looking for “a bit of light at the end of your torch.”

It turns out men in uniform often have lots to reveal underneath.

The beautifully illustrated edition of Mann’s life lessons for his daughters makes the perfect holiday gift for any parent, child or family member in your life—or even for yourself.

Daddy's Love Notes

Daddy's Love Notes

from Washington , DC

Daddy's Love Notes is a compilation of letters written to my children over the course of three years; each letter holding a series of life lessons that I endured on my journey from adolescence to adulthood. The morals attached to each letter are meant to provide my girls with a ‘roadmap’ or ‘guide’ used to…