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Introducing Dr. Marvin E. Gantt

Introducing Dr. Marvin E. Gantt


It took Dr. Marvin E. Gantt numerous advanced degrees to gain the wisdom he distills in his important book, essential for any parent.

“Stick with Your Kids” offers a comprehensive guide to raising considerate well-rounded children, summed up in 10 ideals to aim for. Focusing first on consciousness—to thinking ahead, in a way, and anticipating a child’s reaction to situation—sets the stage for successful child rearing. The ability to absorb information and find out the best sources for tracking your child’s progress comes next, followed by preparation for completing tasks effectively and productively.

Gantt’s insights will appeal to parents in all regions, and be of use to families of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Fusing the academic with the practical, Gantt’s book draws on his extraordinary range of degrees and life experiences, from his time teaching English and coaching athletics to high school-students to research in educational leadership for his Ph.D research in educational leadership.

With his book, he’s helping parents raise their children the best way they can.

Which is something no degree program can teach.

Dr. Marvin E. Gantt’s informative, scholarly work makes an important addition to any parent’s bookshelf. Whether you’re thinking about starting a family, have adolescent children or anywhere in between, any family can put Gantt’s program for effective child rearing into action.


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10 Simple Ideals to Successful Parenting How to raise reliable, responsible, considerate and independent children with effort, insight and information. In advanced societies, cooperation, invention and survival hinges on the progress parents make in successfully developing their offspring, while cultivating themselves in the process.