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Introducing The Monetized Life!

Introducing The Monetized Life!


For some, the path to prosperity doesn’t pass through the world of Big Business. Entrepreneur, lifestyle expert and (recovering) Fortune 500 executive Nicole Walters is one of those people.

Once on the fast track to success in corporate marketing and management, Walters had an “aha” moment at the age of 28, realizing that her dream career lay not in the C-suite, but in building out something on her own, based on her own passions. She launched a blog and lifestyle site, NapturalNicole, to share tips on fashion, healthy eating, beauty and other must-read topics—and, one short year later, it was a million-dollar business.

And then she decided how to teach others the recipe for her own success.

Through her webinars, instructional manuals and guides, Walters helps budding business owners leverage their own talents and interests to earn income through Amazon’s aStores, social channels, strategic partnerships and more. Part business professor, part self-empowerment coach, Walters has a personality that’s infectiously vibrant, and the delight she takes in sharing her professional tips sets her guides apart.

All some lucky people need to achieve success is a passion for helping others. A big smile doesn’t hurt, either.

“Fierce Clarity” package

Guided by Walters herself, this online webinar will help you break through barriers and launch (or relaunch) your career. Even (or especially) if you’ve taken classes and listened to advice before, Walters will help you get your goals in to focus and provide crucial strategy and direction.

Fierce Clarity

The Monetized Life

from Baltimore, MD

Are you ready to get started in your business, but don't know how to take the first step? Or maybe you're a multi-passionate person, but having trouble zeroing in on that "one thing" to get you going. Be honest - are you an online course junkie or "entrepreneurship advice" hoarder with tons of information at…