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Archer & Pine
Empowering Black Creators Since 1921

Black Creators, Artisan & Designers engage in B2M Business Model to showcase their products and engage with many consumers from around the world.

When O.W. Gurley moved to Tulsa in 1906, he purchased nearly 40 acres of land for two main purposes. First he wanted to provide refuge to any African-American who was trying to escape the harsh oppression in Mississippi. Second, he wanted to make his fellow African-Americans landowners—a history making endeavor. This area quickly became known as “Black Wall Street,” noted now as one of the most successful black economies in America. In a time when the entire state of Oklahoma only had two airports, six Black families owned their own planes. Dr. Simon Berry, an African-American who owned the Tulsa bus system, earned around $500 a day. Despite how successful the neighborhood became,600+ businesses and 35 city blocks of housing, were lost when the area was burned to the ground during the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921. Inspired by the original “Black Wall Street,” co-founders Morgan R. Gantt and Marc Clarke birthed the concept of Archer & Pine. Archer & Pine’s mission is to modernize Gurley’s vision using current tools and technology to reach an even wider audience. Archer & Pine wants to reach out to any suppressed minority group that wishes to follow Archer & Pine’s MODERN way of doing business, which includes creating our own “economy” using the B 2 M business model (Business To Many). What new entrepreneurs often don’t consider is the significance and impact of the black dollar. According to a 2008 study during the success of “Black Wall Street” a single dollar would circulate around the neighborhood anywhere from 36 to 100 times—often staying within the community for an entire year before making its way elsewhere.A according to the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth, by the end of 2016 Black buying power is expected to reach $1.2 trillion; by 2020 it will climb to $1.4 trillion. Based on World Bank data, this much combined spending power could feasibly make Black America the 15th largest economy in the world. Archer & Pine is a new global e-commerce marketplace dedicated to artisans of African descent. Every artisan will be handpicked exclusively by Archer & Pine based on four major pillars preparedness, product quality, scalability, and presentation. Next, Archer & Pine will create a customized, integrated business plan to help each artisan communicate, sell, and distribute their products to an international audience. In summary, Archer & Pine plans to empower artisans by: By creating powerful distribution networks, products will get in front of the right customers regardless of their location. With no exclusivity lock-ins, creators can sell with Archer & Pine, on their own website, and anywhere else they desire. Simplified product review process. Artisans can add, modify, and update product listings anytime they want. Products go live instantly once the shop is open using Archer & Pine’s algorithm. Keeping 80% of each sale. Creators put in the work to create these products, so they deserve to keep the most from each sale. With the flexibility of setting their your own price, Creators know the amount of work put into their products, so they should have total control over pricing. Plus, they are free to change prices at any time. With instant delivery delivery notifications Archer & Pine will ensure sales come through in real time, enabling Creators to dropship safely (and securely) to customers in a timely manner.