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Introducing Pittman’s Popcorn

Introducing Pittman’s Popcorn


Michael Pittman had an idea that he knew would pop.

The Springfield, Illinois, entrepreneur’s résumé includes stints as a minor-league pitcher, a wings-restaurant owner and a real-estate developer—yet his most interesting idea yet involves his decision to dedicate himself to a simple, salty pleasure that everyone enjoys: popcorn.

As head of his family-owned business, Pittman is in charge of marketing a wide array of popcorn flavors (he claims he can produce over 500 varieties), from classics like extra buttery and caramel to more out-there choices such as trail munch, cayenne cheese and strawberry cheesecake.

Shipping bags of the snacks all over the country, Pittman’s Popcorn Shop supplies gift tins in a range of sizes. A growing catering business includes setups for does corporate events, baby showers, religious occasions and more.

After all, is there anyone who doesn’t like popcorn? Pittman and his team will let you know when the orders stop coming in.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

Savory and sweet and chocolaty all at once, this popcorn satisfies any (and every) palate.

Chocolate Drizzle

A dash of chocolate makes anything better—even popcorn.

Baked Potato

Have you ever sampled the taste of butter-soaked baked potato out of a bag? Leave it to Pittman’s to have thought up this brilliant idea.

Banana Pudding

You no longer need a spoon to delight in the creamy taste of banana pudding.

Extra Buttery Caramel

Decadence awaits when you sample this bag of popcorn smothered in rich, sweet caramel.


Pittman's Popcorn Shop

from Springfield, IL

Buttery caramel popcorn, graham crackers, Hershey chocolate, marshmallow cream and drizzled chocolate.

Southwest Jalapeno

Pittman's Popcorn Shop

from Springfield, IL

Made with real white cheddar cheese and other spicy seasoning. This is HOT!

Caramel Pecan

Pittman's Popcorn Shop

from Springfield, IL

Made from scratch buttery caramel with glazed pecans.


Pittman's Popcorn Shop

from Springfield, IL

Red cherry flavor and colored candy coated popcorn. Perfect for parties, wedding, school treats and popcorn bars!